Edible Schoolyard Project discovers opportunities in UX Boot Camp

The UX Boot Camp is a partnership between Cooper U and a non-profit facing a real world problem that can be solved by digital technology. Students are immersed in a four day field study resulting in design concepts for the non-profit to implement as they choose. We asked our most recent Boot Camp partners, The Edible Schoolyard Project to share some of their experience with us.
Snapshots from Cooper UX Boot Camp in partnership with the Edible Schoolyard Project October 2012

What was most surprising about the UX Boot Camp experience?

The number of design students participating. I always assume it’s easier to teach in small numbers, but clearly that was not the case as the productivity was so high. It seems like the group of 30 + designers learned as much from each other as they did from Cooper instructors.

What stood out to you about the final presentations?

The presenters had a strong sense of our organization our work. Our challenges felt like their challenges.

What was the impact of seeing your organization through someone else’s eyes (Cooper U students)?

The students had a solid understanding of our work and our challenges, which created understanding between us and allowed for open-minded dialogue about their design solutions.

Were you exposed to anything that might affect your own approach to design or creative problem solving?

We love the user role/behavior profile exercises. When we make decisions about our programming we are always reminded that it’s so important to have the user’s needs at the forefront of the discussion and decision process.

What stood out to you about our approach to design education?

UX design is a very powerful tool for solving complex challenges.

What would you tell others about this experience?

If you are lucky enough to work with a group of UX design experts, jump to it!

Anything else you’d like to share?

BIG thanks to Teresa, Kendra, Nikki, Alan, Sue, and the rest of the Cooper UX Boot Camp team for you great efforts. It was a terrific experience.

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