Cooper is accepting nonprofit submissions for UX Boot Camp.

12/11/12 Update:Thank you to all the amazing organizations who were interested in partnering with us for the UX Boot Camp. We received many thoughtful inquiries and were deeply impressed by the work of each organization. Unfortunately, due to time constraints as we approach the end of the year, we are no longer actively seeking partnership for the 2013 Boot Camps, but stay in touch for future opportunities to partner with Cooper for the 2014 UX Boot Camps

What is UX Boot Camp?

Cooper’s UX Boot Camp is a four-day course in our user experience design methodology for designers, developers, and product managers. UX Boot Camp is also an opportunity for nonprofits to explore a real world problem of theirs that can be helped by design and technology. Under the guidance of Cooper senior staff, Boot Camp students perform an in-depth field study surrounding the problem, and the nonprofit receives approximately six distinct design explorations at no cost.
Snapshot of Cooper UX Boot Camp in partnership with Edible Schoolyard Project October 2012

Who attends?

Design practitioners, developers, product managers, marketers, usability professionals, and decision makers who have some experience creating products but want to learn new design methods, get hands-on practice, and help a nonprofit along the way.

What is the value of partnership?

UX Boot Camp partnership gives nonprofits a unique chance to tap into the design community’s collective brainpower and uncover new ways that technology could raise awareness, build your community, support fundraising initiatives…whatever is in support of your long-term vision and goals. For example, Red Cross of Greater Columbus, UX Boot Camp students explored ways that mobile apps could connect Red Cross volunteers and empower fundraising efforts. For Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA), our students created web and mobile concepts to help WEA ambassadors raise public awareness about the nonprofit’s efforts. The Edible Schoolyard Project, received design concepts that could encourage teachers to network, share curriculum and resources, and exchange ideas. We work closely with each of our partners to determine a design challenge that makes sense for them. At the end of the course, our partners receive, at no charge, multiple distinct design concepts created just for them, to use as they wish.
Snapshots of Cooper UX Boot Camp in partnership with the Edible Schoolyard Project October 2012

How will 2013 partners be chosen?

We will select our 2013 partners based on their ability to meet the following criteria:


Your organization is ready and open to integrating design best practices and/or: learning about user experience design. To help you with this, we ask that one person from your organization attend either a UX Boot Camp or Interaction Design training (we’ll foot the bill) and present what they learn to your organization. We make this investment so you are primed and able to take action on the UX Boot Camp concepts you receive.


The UX Boot Camp education model is based upon hands-on learning with a real client (you). In that vein, our curriculum hinges upon this commitment of human resources and time:

  1. Collaborate with us to identify an appropriate project for UX Boot Camp students to work on that will further your business goals
  2. Identify and recruit approximately 6-8 people for one hour of research interviews during UX Boot Camp
  3. Assign one key stakeholder to make themselves available for a one hour interview during UX Boot Camp
  4. Identify two people (one stakeholder, one research interviewee) to attend the two hour final concept pitch session and give our students feedback



We’ll invest all of our social media and marketing channels before, during, and after the workshop to tell our community about our partnership, what UX Boot Camp students come up with, and how that thinking helps your organization grow. We just ask that you do the same.

About Cooper

Since 1992, Cooper has partnered with clients to design everything from medical devices to consumer products to sophisticated business tools. Our specialty has always been bringing clarity to complex situations.
Ten years ago, we decided to expand our impact by teaching and mentoring clients and design professionals. Drawing from our 20 years of experience, we offer custom training for companies and public classes in interaction design, visual interface design, design communication and collaboration, and our intensive UX Boot Camp.

If your organization is interested in partnership…

We’d love to hear from you. Please email [email protected] with your responses to the following questions to get the conversation started.

  1. A brief description of your organization.
  2. A particular problem that you think could benefit from a UX or service design solution
  3. How this design opportunity could benefit your organization’s business goals.

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