The Mate-Night Club: You lonely no more.

As Halloween approaches, and the veil between worlds grows wan, threadbare, and permeable, Cooper turns its collective attention to the spirit, spook, and creature population. Last year we sought to understand them from a Goal-Directed perspective. This year we take the next unholy step and design software, devices, and services around these personas. Today we return to Romulus, North American Woodland Ape.

To serve this hairy fellow, we’re proud to unveil a new matchmaking service, nailed to the tree by Cooper designers Greg and Glen: The Mate-Night Club.

Romulus Feel Lonely?

Designer’s Notes

Why it this service awesome for Romulus?

  1. It’s in his environment. Leaving the woods has proven to be a very stressful situation for Romulus (see “Harry and the Hendersons” – 1987). By bringing the service to him from beginning to end, the barrier of entry is drastically reduced.
  2. Low effort required for his participation. All he has to do is write a few things about himself and come back to the same exact location at a later date. Any navigation he needs to find his way back to the same position can be based on whatever method he employs for his own day-to-day movement within the woods. The service leverages his own habits instead of forcing him to comply with a navigation method he may not be familiar with.
  3. Low-tech. He doesn’t have access to technology and devices that help humans perform even the most mundane tasks. One of those tasks is probably telling time. By expressing time through environmental change, the service doesn’t rely on him having access to modern time-measuring devices and the ability to understand them.
  4. Speaks his language. To help convey the need for him to convey information about himself, the form is expressed in his own limited-vocabulary and grammar skilled voice. This will help Romulus focus on filling in the blanks without creating a feeling of disconnection from the tonality of the form.
  5. Multilingual advertisements. Last we crossed paths with Romulus, he wanted to learn Italian. What better way to create a connection than to appeal to his interests.

Keep an eye on this space as more spooooooky design rolls off the Cooper press.

The Editors

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