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By Chris Noessel & Glen Davis

Category: Lifestyle
Updated: Oct 19, 2012
Version: 2.3.2
Size: 6.1 MB
Languages: English, Stygian, Qwghlmian
Seller: Cooper
© 2012 Cooper
Rated 4+

Requirements: Psychic sensitivity, resistance to fear-based
paralysis, iPhone 4 & 5


life ghost Juan Espinoza
roams the lonely train tracks of Bexar county on
full-moon nights, searching for his lost head. Track him and get a chance at
seeing Juan in the (un)flesh with the official JuanSpotters app!
We’re talking a real Class 5 Full-Roaming Vapor. The
app is fully-featured.

  • Be the first to capture a pic of Juan to earn points!

  • If he’s spotted by someone else, just-in-time directions
    get you to where you can see him for reals!

  • Once Juan is spotted, you’ll get alerts to tell you when you’re on deck for spotting, and a map on how to get there. A
    timer lets you know when your spotting turn is up and automatically tags in the next Spotter.

  • Want Juan at a bachelorette party? A haunted-house? Halftime? An
    enemy’s corporate headquarters?
    JuanSpotters can lead him right there for an affordable fee.

Web Site JuanSpotters Support

What’s New in Version 1.4

In this update, we added support for iOS6 and the new iPhone Ecto!

iPhone Screenshots

Designer’s Notes

Why it this service awesome for Juan?

  1. We can’t actually help him. We can presume if he’s been looking this long, his head’s long gone. The poor guy is kind of stuck.
  2. We can provide a sense of progress. Despite having an unattainable goal, Juan still searches. And when he senses the living (and apparently it’s the only thing he can sense) it drives him forward.
  3. And in so doing, cash in. Juan gets an appetizer’s worth of living energy, and through some smart just-in-time algorithms, solid defensive legal disclaimers, and crowdsourced paranormal chasers, the service gets to turn a sustainable profit from this supernatural resource.

Special thanks to our ghost busters Chris Noessel and Glen Davis.

Keep an eye on this space as more spooooooky design rolls off the Cooper press.

The Editors

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