Join the “No UI” conversation

Although our Cooper Parlor “What good is a screen?” is sold out, you can still be a part of it. Join the conversation on Branch now, and watch the video after the event. (Sign up to be notified when we post it).

Recently, Cooperista Golden Krishna blew up Twitter with our most tweeted blog post ever: “The best interface is no interface”. Reactions went something like this:

On the heels of that Twitter success, our September 19th Cooper Parlor, “What good is a screen”, sold out. We’ve even got a special guest coming to share his thoughts with the group: Don Norman!

If you didn’t RSVP in time or you’re waaaay too far away to attend anyway, fret not: We’re videotaping the salon and will post it online for your viewing pleasure about a week after the event. Stay tuned to our blog or sign up to get an email when it’s live.

And, since we know watching a video isn’t quite the same thing as being an active participant in the conversation, you’re all invited to join a thread that Golden and a few other Cooperistas already started on Branch. Add your two cents, no matter where you are in the globe.

Meanwhile, enjoy this podcast with Golden about the topic or this little video teaser:

Hope to see you at Cooper Parlor or on Branch!

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