What good is a screen? A Cooper Parlor on Wednesday, September 19th

A public salon series exploring design’s impact on the world

Join us Wednesday, September 19th at 6pm for an evening of provocative design discussion!

Cooper Parlor is a periodic gathering of designers and design-minded people to exchange ideas around a specific topic. We aim to cultivate conversation that instigates, surprises, entertains, and, most importantly, broadens our community’s collective knowledge and perspective about the potential for design. Attendees are invited to bring an open-ended question or statement related to the salon topic. We’ll throw those juicy conversation starters in a hat, pick one, and the dialogue will begin….

Upcoming salon: What good is a screen?

Moderator: Golden Krishna, Visual Designer, Cooper and author of The best interface is no interface
When: Wednesday, September 19th, 6:30-8:30pm (Doors open at 6)
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Location: Cooper, 100 First St Floor 26, San Francisco

“The real problem with the interface is that it is an interface. Interfaces get in the way.” Don Norman, 1990

Screens are everywhere. They live in our back pockets, along the side of our roads, and in our grocery stores. Sometimes they smile at us from the ceiling, distracting us from the dentist drill. Most of us spend a good 8 hours a day staring into one sort of screen or another. These glowing portals beckon us with promises of being useful, meaningful, even joyful.

But do they meet those promises? Therein lies the topic of our upcoming salon: should we use a screen at all? Are we thinking creatively enough about how to solve today’s problems, or is the screen just…a lazy solution? And, when we do carefully, appropriately choose the screen, how do we design it in a way that truly serves people?

Please bring your thoughts about this topic to our next Cooper Parlor.

Why This Topic?

This salon topic was inspired by the nonprofit partner for our October UX Boot Camp: Edible Schoolyard Project (ESY). In the UX Boot Camp course, students will learn new UX methods and put them into practice designing new ways to engage students, teachers and local leaders connected to ESY. Our ESY stakeholders came up with an intriguing design constraint for UX Boot Camp participants: Get kids’ hands into the soil more. Don’t create more screen time. This constraint got us thinking about the pervasiveness of screens in UX design. We want to hear what others think about this issue…and thus, this salon topic was born.

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