Our IxD training heads to the Midwest

For the first time ever, we’re sending our popular Cooper U interaction design course to Columbus, Ohio. If you’re in the surrounding area on August 14-17, don’t miss it! Register today. This is a great chance for you and your colleagues to receive design training from our industry experts. You’ll learn how to create personas and use goal-directed design to create better experiences. Then, you and a small group of other participants will put those learnings into practice to design an example product. This course serves as the foundation for the rest of our Cooper U curriculum and is an entrée to our UX Boot Camp. This four-day training is ideal for product planners, developers, marketers, design practitioners, usability professionals, and managers who want to learn how to:

  • Plan and conduct user research using powerful ethnographic techniques
  • Distinguish between what users say they want and what they really need
  • Translate observations into personas, goals, and scenarios
  • Develop and prioritize requirements based on user and business goals
  • Quickly turn requirements into a concrete product concept

For more information, read our course description.
Event details:
August 14-17, 2012
Spark Space
300 Marconi Boulevard, Suite 206
Columbus, OH 43215

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