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Life at Cooper


Cooper recently brought back the Friday Afternoon Social Hour! Everyone enjoyed Suzy’s seriously strong sangria and tasty tapas, and the great conversations in this all around good time. If this sounds like how you’d like to wrap up the work week, join us! We are currently looking for a Business Development Manager.

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Sketch 2.0 Released


*Download the sample .Sketch file from my Dribbble account.

Sketch 2.0 is a new Mac application designed to be what Adobe Fireworks has struggled to become: the defacto standard for interface design. With a toolset targeting the professional user interface and icon designer, Sketch seems to be headed down the right path.

Sketch is not without its issues and may not be mature enough to replace Photoshop or Fireworks as of the version 1 release; however it’s an excellent start and well worth your time to checkout.

Several of us at Cooper are very excited by Sketch, so expect a more detailed review soon. In the meantime, checkout Sketch for yourself.

The Monoprice Graphics Tablet

*Video Monoprice Graphics Tablet line quality by Ray Frenden.

In the world of drawing tablets, there is Wacom and…umm…well…nobody else. That’s what I thought before I read Ray Frenden’s review of the inexpensive Monoprice graphic tablet “The Little Monoprice Graphics Tablet That Could.”

With a starting price of under $50 for a 10X6.25 inch graphic drawing tablet, the Monoprice tablet seems too good to be true. After reading Ray’s review and a quick twitter search of other Monoprice tablet users, I’ve become a believer and am seriously considering replacing my Wacom Bamboo tablet.

Checkout the Monoprice tablets for yourself; it just might save you a couple hundred bucks.

Stay up-to-date with your favorite web service feeds


If you’re a Basecamp, Github, Dropmark, or Dribbble user, you might find Feeds interesting. Feeds lives in your menu bar monitoring your favorite web services, notifying you when new content is posted.

Dialoggs enters private beta


Dialoggs is a new web service that just entered it’s private beta phase. Dialoggs describes it’s self as a combination of Twitter, Facebook’s privacy controls, and Tumbler’s multimedia features.

Dialoggs allows you to follow people and send public and private messages just like in Twitter. What separates Dialoggs from Twitter, and what I’m most excited about, is Dialoggs ability to have long form conversations. Not having to worry about how many characters I have left? Priceless!


If your interested in learning more about Dialoggs, checkout “Introducing Dialoggs.”

Follow the creators on Twitter to win invite codes to Dialoggs: @drewwilson, @ammmir Website


Interacting with media across multiple devices


With the rise of mobile devices, more and more I need to be able to move files from my desktop to my mobile devices. Apple, Google, and Microsoft, along with several other third parties, have developed solutions but nothing that delivers a truly seamless user experience. Interaction designer Ishac Betran, in his article “Watch This Ingenious UI Idea For Dragging Files From Your Phone To Computer” details an elegant seamless drag-n-drop solution.

iPad Keyboard Prototype


Another interesting concept is the “iPad Keyboard Prototype” created by Daniel Chase Hooper. The video demonstrates a simple, intuitive way for simplifying text editing on the iPad. Instead of tap-and-hold to edit text, the user can swipe the cursor around the text block to quickly edit the text.

App pick of the week: Track 8

IPad ui

Track 8 brings the Metro experience to your iPad in a slick music player, allowing you to browse your music in an immersive visual experience.  

Checkout Track 8 for yourself.


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