sCoop: Week of April 23

New Hires! 


New hires
Cooper has expanded its force this week with two new hires, Nate Clinton and Nikki Knox. 
Nate Clinton comes to Cooper from Thomson Reuters, where he designed and developed software tools for investment professionals. In his past lives, he was an engineer and product manager for a successful Bay Area start-up (StarMine), as well as a research goon at the Federal Reserve in Washington, DC. He is known to play glockenspiel in the nation’s preeminent Star Wars Cantina Band.
Nikki Knox is our new design education intern and her knowledge and experience will be contributing to the further development of CooperU courses. Originally from Kansas, Nikki has a background in design education, healthcare architecture, medical equipment design, and ethnographic methodology. Her design philosophy and process will be a very useful addition to our education team. Outside of the office, Nikki enjoys running, backpacking, and local restaurants. 
We are very excited to have them join the Cooper team and use their unique skills to make our work even better. 

Upcoming CooperU Courses 

There are several CooperU courses coming up in the next few weeks. Register now before they sell out!
Visual Design – May 7-8, 2012
Interaction Design – June 19-22, 2012
Interaction Design – July 17-20, 2012
Visual Design – July 23-24, 2012

Cooper UX Bootcamp: A Firsthand Account 

Attendees of the Cooper UX Bootcamp in Columbus, Ohio from Atomic Object have shared their firsthand accounts of the experience on their company blog, in full detail. Check out what they learned and get a look at the fruits of their labor. 



New and Interesting

Google Drive makes its debut this week. It’s a place where you can create, share, collaborate, and keep all your stuff. Integrated seamlessly within the overall Google experience, this tool could prove extremely useful for those of us who not only work in the office, but are collaborating in airports, cafes, on the train, or at the kitchen table. For those of us who enjoy using Google Docs for sharing files, this extension of that concept will create a comprehensive experience for managing and sharing all your files in the Google cloud. 

Valve’s employee handbook also caught our attention this week. “A fearless adventure in knowing what to do when no one’s there telling you what to do”, this illustrated guide for new hires feels like an old treasure map. We love the illustrations and comics that are scattered throughout. This book certainly helps to takes the nervous tension of being a ‘newbie’ down a few notches. 

Sensubrush, a true painting experience for the iPad, combines a unique artist brush stylus with various painting and drawing apps to create beautiful artwork and sketches. The brush stylus makes it easy to paint or freeform sketch with lighter, more detailed strokes. Alternatively, you can close the brush end of the stylus and use the rubber stylus for a thicker stroke. Very useful. 

Need some new fonts to freshen your typeface collection? Ten Dollar Fonts is a collection of, you guessed it, fonts that cost only $10 each! What a steal for these beautifully drawn faces. The visual designers at Cooper are loving it. 

The Descriptive Camera works like a regular camera, except instead of spitting out a photo, it prints the metadata about the content of the photo. This is a really useful technology that can be eventually combined with current digital cameras, which only record metadata related to the camera’s settings, location, date, and time. Imagine being able to search through an enormous library of images by the subject of the photo! This prototype prints out the metadata, but eventually the creator plans for it to be appended to the photograph on the fly, so it can be searchable later. 

And the week of April 23 concludes with our very own, Mr. Alan Cooper, giving a talk at The Next Web Conference 2012 in Amsterdam. We can’t wait to hear all the details.

Have a happy weekend!  


Martina Maleike

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