The sCoop: Week of March 26

And so they arrived at Cooper this week, a smiling, laughing mass of foam-hats and face-sized sunglasses celebrating the youth culture of Spring Break 1974 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Oh, the days of 10 cent beers and lobster tans.

You didn’t expect an innovative design firm in San Francisco to have fun with "Friday jeans," do you?


The correct response to this question from our "Legends of Cooper Jeopardy!" lunch: "What is IBM?"

Wait, this is that kind of beach?

Spring Break, Fort Lauderdale (Sun-Sentinel)

And like the nerdy kids who studied over Spring Break and had perfect attendance, there were plenty of Cooperistas out there changing the world. Take, Chris Noessel, and his delivery of "500 to 1: A Cooper Case Study" at IA Summit:

Or how about Cooper’s UX bootcamp? A perfect combination of Spring Break fun and academic overachievement:

Spring Break, Fort Lauderdale (Sun-Sentinel)

No, no, wrong image.


Yes, actually, that one. And this one too:


You can read all about it here.

Some startups of Rock Health, looking to join the fun, and gain some wisdom from the Seniors dropped by for some advise on all things UI, software, interaction, apps and apps.

We’ve also been going around to other campuses, in search of some future Spring Breakers. Faith Bolliger and Karen Lemen are recruiting over at IIT in Illinois, and Peter Duyan and Stefan Klocek are recruiting at CMU in Pittsburgh.

Faith and Karen in the bubble.

Stefan considering the cloud.

Before you go, while we dream about what might be next for Amazon’s warehouses…

…we thought we’d ask you to join in the fun of our Spring Break fun with a few of the "Legends of Cooper Jeopardy!" questions.


He has been on two reality shows, and was recently asked to be on a third.

Who is Jim Dibble?

Who is Andreas Braendhaugen?

Who is Golden Krishna?

Who is Doug LeMoine?


This former Gen introduced Fireworks to Cooper.

Who is David Fore?

Who is John Dunning?

Who is Dave Cronin?

Who is Tim McCoy?

Happy Spring Break!

Golden Krishna

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