The sCoop: week of January 30

This week we sent a few of our colleagues to Dublin, Ireland to represent Cooper at the IXDA 2012 conference. Managing director Chris Noessel has kept us up to speed on the proceedings with delightful sketchnotes. (This one is from “cyborg anthropologist” Amber Case’s talk).

Sketch from Amber Case's talk at IXDA 2012 in Dublin

Cooper at IXDA 2012

(For more of Chris’ dispatches from the IXDA conference, take a look at his twitter feed).

On the home front, Cooper continued bringing design methodology to health startup incubator Rock Health. Susan Dybbs treated this year’s batch of entrepreneurs a lecture on using design to create successful health care products. We can’t wait to see these companies designing their way to industry domination!

Susan Dybbs speaks at Rock Health

Although there are no Facebook stockholders at the office, this week’s announcement of an imminent IPO was unignorable. We were intrigued by the iconography that accompanied the SEC filing.

Facebook's IPO filing... with edits

On a different note, the increased availability and lower cost of small, unmanned aircraft has opened up a range of possibilities for filmmakers. We marvelled at one example by Tabb Firchau.

Using unmanned aircraft for photography has actually become quite a common phenomenon. So common, in fact, that the LAPD has issued a warning against real estate agents who use drone aircraft to photograph properties. Take care when you take your kids out to play with your autonomous, computer-vision-guided helicopter this weekend!

Update 2/3/2012 – 5:03pm

A musical experiment created with the app VidRhythm has just come in my possession, and is posted below. These video apps are proliferating fast!

Andreas Braendhaugen

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