The sCoop: week of January 23

Some people like to dance and shake it in the dark. Others wear their sunglasses at night. Here’s proof some like WORKING in the dark (and they’re not hookers). Stefan snapped these, catching a glimpse of the Cooper evening crew in action…

Speaking of Stefan, he spoke at the Association of Alternative Media 2012 AAN Web Conference, here in SF, on “The Revolution will be Portable: Understanding the Tablet Opportunity” An exquisitely designed on-the-go tablet app is Pyrolia’s Road Inc., an in-depth, feature-rich anthology of classic automobiles.


We’ve all heard the hype around HTML5, so let’s get on with it already! Check out Tumults Inc.’s aptly named HYPE for some of the easiest ways to implement HTML5 animations and eye-opening interactive prototypes.

An interaction HTML5 has breathed new life into is: s c r o l l i n g. This eye-opening interaction even has its own name: parallax. The term is derived from the Greek ?????????? (parallaxis), meaning “alteration”. Parallax helps accurately portray our visual perception of distance. Not only do objects in the background appear smaller, they also MOVE slower than their foreground counterparts. Slavery Footprint and Moods of Norway (best viewed in the horizontal position) are notable examples of the parallax in action.

When your back in the vertical position and ready for some moving of your own, check out this interactive, motion-sensing, motivational 7 foot wall! Designed to get gym members actively engrossed in nutrition and physical activity, this is one funhouse mirror that builds UP your confidence. Its “Future Self” application composits what YOU (the fairest one of all) may look like in the near future if you heed the advice of this great wall of fitness.

The new iBGStar blood glucose meter is another innovative way to monitor nutrition. Designed for iPhone/iTouch-lovin’-diabetics-on-the-go, it can actually take and read blood samples, your nutritional intake, missed meals, and yes, amount of exercise.

All these new ways to monitor nutrition and exercise has made me HUNGRY! So, I leave you with a recent snapshot of our sustenance request board…
Personally, I prefer Desvenlafaxine, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, and Toaster Strudels® – portable and perfect for when your on-the-go.

Jayson McCauliff
Jayson McCauliff
Principal Visual Designer, Designit San Francisco

Jayson McCauliff is a Principal Visual Designer at Designit San Francisco. By day, he designs interfaces, identities, and visual systems for companies such as Practice Fusion, Boston Scientific, Amgen, Pwc, and Intel. Outside of work, he spends his time painting, photographing, and adding color to the visual landscape of San Francisco.

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