The sCoop: week of January 16

The past week at Cooper started out with bang…and a crash…and boom…and a kapow! Lunchtime fun with the endless entertainment of Action Movie FX. Blow up your friend’s egg roll and then laugh it off together:

Something else that dropped like a bomb this week were the SOPA and PIPA protests! Wikipedia shut down for 24 hrs Wednesday in protest of the legislation and countless students everywhere simultaneously said, “My dog ate it.” A historic moment no doubt as the controversial bills were “put on hold” shortly after.

CES wrapped up in Las Vegas, but I still covet this Samsung Transparent Smart Window:

Why would I want to walk to my kitchen window to check Facebook and the weather instead of just pulling out my phone wherever I already am? I dunno, I guess touchscreens should be on everything, right? Right?!

This past week designers, technologists, entrepreneurs, and medical professionals gathered for the Health Innovation Summit. Stefan explored how a group of panelists incorporated the patient perspective into their products, as Susan and the newest Cooper Interaction Designer, Christina Worsing, guided conference attendees through a design challenge to re-envision four different aspects of healthcare.


Apple announced their iBook 2 and iBooks Author applications targeting the reinvention of the textbook for the education sector. I think by now it’s obvious Apple doesn’t want to just design products, they want to redesign whole industries. When you’re out to fix a problem, you might as well start at the root.

Another announcement that caught our attention was Nike’s NikeFuel and FuelBand. Trying to pick up the ball dropped by Jawbone’s Up, Nike’s solution seems elegant and simple at first glance. One to watch, indeed.

A random link I found this week featuring some impressive re-coloration of old photography. Color is one of the number of powerful tools in a designer’s kit. This collection is a great example of how a little hue can bring an image strikingly closer to reality.


Glen Davis

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