The sCoop: week of November 14-18

One team returns from lovely Brasil, while another is off in lovely Japan. As we wrap us this last full week before Thanksgiving, our collective Internet attention was drawn by notions of the future, political wranglings, and thinking deeply about design details.

First, we’re keenly interested in Congress’s discussions of the Stop Online Piracy Act and the effects it could have on the way people use the Internet.

Author’s aside: I personally think it’s crazy. It’s like legislating the Salem Witch Trials only instead of “witch!” the entertainment industry can scream “piracy!” and squash domains at will. Here’s hoping that digital censorship gets nipped right in the bud.

Next, we are proud to post video from Alan’s talk at the Commonwealth Club, from September 13th of this year. See clips below with thoughts about education, innovative teams, software alchemy, and the arc of technology. Set aside an hour and sixteen minutes and you can watch the full thing.

We loved reading the “one wish“es that the TED audience had for their computers. (Unsurprising spoiler: Most people wanted computers to be more human.) Thanks to James Patten of Patten Studio for asking the question.

James Patten

Our mad scientist dreams were kindled with knowledge of Google’s secret futures lab dubbed Google X.

10 Cooper points if you can subtly identify the mad scientist pictured in the comments.

We felt the rumblings of a paradigm shift as Adobe announced its new Touch apps

Photoshop Touch

We liked the simplicity of interaction, single organization principle, and nifty marketing visualization of Poken.


Marti A. Hearst’s notion of ‘Natural’ Search User Interfaces makes us think that searching in the future will be more like joining a virtual, speedy scavenger hunt.

Natural Search

Credit: Gary Marsh.

We nodded at the next-evolution thinking of 20 Innovative (Concept) Tablets We Wish Were Real at Hongkiat. Special shout out to the ecological thinking of the Ecopad concept by Yonggu Do, Jun-Se Kim, and Eun-Ha Seo. When can we have ours?

Ecopad concept

Aerial 3D may be our only hope to realizing Star Wars-esque volumetric projections.

Aerial 3D volumetric projection

We liked hearing Steven Johnson’s notion that maximal cross-pollination is a key to maximizing good ideas. It’s got us thinking about our open space.

And lastly, though it’s more right now than futuristic, we liked the deep thinking that Christian Holst has done around a better country selector (though we think that whole Holland→Netherlands thing might need explication to the user.)


Chris Noessel

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