The sCoop: week of November 21-25

As we head into the holiday season, Cooper teams find themselves wrapping up projects, kicking off new projects and travelling the world to conduct research.

There are five Cooperistas who commute via bike and a few others who are avid cyclists on the weekends. Recently, we all had a lively discussion regarding bike lanes, proper cycling etiquette, safety considerations, and SFPD’s enforcement of traffic laws for cyclists. We were reminded of this fun, cheeky video from this past summer. Nearing five million views, this video really struck a chord with cyclists, pedestrians and drivers.

Speaking of cycling, we loved the interaction and the content of THE / WORK / CYCLE so much that we’re motivated to photograph the bikes in our office and submit! If you are interested in celebrating the work cyclist, get out there, take some pictures and help make this site even more beautiful.

We take a lot of photographs on research, and most of them look a certain design-research-documentary style. That said, we’re well aware of the photographs ability to tell stories that are far removed from anything that resembles a factual account of what was seen in the world. It was fun to look under the hood of the rendering of synthetic objects in this video:

We thought the story behind this product was perfectly emotive, descriptive and clever. Nice work!

We appreciated the thorough argument for all body copy being 16 pixels… anything less would be a costly mistake!
16 Pixels.png

We considered the interaction potential for Terminator-style contact lenses.

We laughed at College Humor’s Siri argument sketch.

See all the CollegeHumor Original Videos here. And, we laughed again at the Oatmeal’s brilliant Thanksgiving comic.

Finally, we marveled at how the simplest projects can be immersive and transformative if executed with attention to detail and a rigorous process.

Peter Duyan

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