Cooper U Rio Style

Kendra Shimmell, Tamara Wayland and I recently enjoyed some Spring weather in beautiful Rio de Janeiro while sharing methods for interaction design, collaboration, and communication in an agile environment with forty employees of, the Internet branch for Latin America’s largest media conglomerate.
The team knew that Rio would be warm this time of year, but what really amazed us was the warmth and hospitality of the people we met. Andrë Braz,’s User Experience Design Manager and Art Director, and his team were engaged and inquisitive, and really hungry for ways to take their already successful site to the next level of efficiency and innovation.
During the course we talked about how to effectively integrate user experience design into an agile environment, and shared techniques for collaboration and communication that are lightweight to create but provide big impact. The Cooper team showed a blueprint for defining and designing digital products and services that centers on users, but within the context of business needs and implementation realities.
Here are a few snapshots from class:
Participants quickly grasped the value of focusing on goals and behavior patterns when developing personas.
A cross-functional team works together to storyboard the key contexts and moments in time that their primary persona will interact with the product they are designing.
A student sketches design concepts for the mobile experience.
The enthusiasm carried over into the final day of the week, during which we were joined by close to 80 Globo designers, developers, product managers, and executives. We can’t wait to go back (and I am still dreaming of the feijoada we had on Friday afternoon).
Thank you Globo, and thank you Rio!

Steve Calde

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