Sammy Bishop, AKA Destro: Gremlin

As Halloween approaches, and the veil between worlds grows wan, threadbare, and permeable, Cooper realizes that we can serve the spirit, spook, and creature population better if we understand them from a Goal-Directed perspective. In service of this we present a short series of Halloween personas. Today’s persona is Sammy Bishop Destro.


Little Sammy Bishop was once just a normal boy. But once scratched by a gremlin, he became something else altogether. Destro roams the airports, construction sites, and back alleys of Detroit. Whenever possible, he joins forces with his friends to sabotage things like airplanes, semi-trucks, and heavy construction equipment.

Salient traits:

  • Mischievous
  • Self-involved
  • Addicted to crushing
  • An anarchist

How we can help Destro:

  • Get him connected with others who are ready to annihilate huge mechanical systems.
  • Give him access to lightweight, yet large tools that are optimized for damage.
  • Provide contextual help that keep him hidden during his spontaneous, reckless missions of sabotage.

Prior persona Alexi Devers: Lycanthrope
Next persona Metansiptah: Vengeful Mummy
Paranoid airplane travelers: Susan Dybbs and Peter Duyan

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