Metansiptah: Vengeful Mummy

As Halloween approaches, and the veil between worlds grows wan, threadbare, and permeable, Cooper realizes that we can serve the spirit, spook, and creature population better if we understand them from a Goal-Directed perspective. In service of this we present a short series of Halloween personas. Today’s persona is Metansiptah.


Metansiptah was not a well-liked ruler. He was poisoned by his Chief of the Scented Oils during his morning ablutions with a paste of arsenic trioxide. The priest reciting his Book of the Dead prayers skipped several spells in order to trap Metansiptah’s soul within his mummified remains. His tomb builder placed the correct curses against disturbance, but then left deliberate clues to the location of its entrance. For the past three thousand years, Metansiptah has been awakened from his unending twilight every few decades by the greedy and the foolhardy.


How we can help Metansiptah:

  • Accommodate non-ASCII text types
  • Use “magical” interaction metaphors to match his Middle Kingdom mental model
  • Don’t expect speed
  • Utilize ubiquitous, location-aware technology to aid his hunt
  • Metansiptah has plenty of time, so err on the side of information clarity rather than density

Next persona Romulus: North American Woodland Ape
Prior persona Sammy Bishop, AKA Destro: Gremlin
Egyptologist: Chris Noessel

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