Mental Models for product and service strategy

Cooper is proud to announce design strategy expert Indi Young will be coming to our studio on November 14 to lead a one-day workshop in techniques for creating mental model diagrams.
Understanding users’ workflows and work environments is key to developing appropriate products and services, but to really create an experience users love, you have to understand how they think. Indi Young has pioneered techniques for getting at these key understandings during user interviews, and for translating that understanding into powerful communication pieces called mental model diagrams.
The workshop gives users hands-on experience in the process she describes in her book Mental Models: Aligning Design Strategy with Human Behavior. Creating winning design solutions starts with the mantra, “Know thy user.” This means more than just identifying users’ workflows and work environments; it means understanding how they think.
This one-day workshop will reveal how to capture the thought processes and intentions of your audience into a simple and persuasive mental model diagram, and how to use that diagram to steer the course of your organization immediately and for the long term.
Participation is limited to 20 attendees, so register now!

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