The sCoop: week of August 5

This first week of August has been good fun from start to finish! Jim, Faith, and Rock Health agilely went from stories to a plan of action.

Alan’s post on ideas, innovation, and creative teams reminded us of an interesting perspective on innovation from Clay Christensen and Art Markman about busting innovation myths.

We took a break to watch the Giants game with our amazing summer interns Mo and Brendan. IMG_0845.png

Today, Golden, Greg, and Jenea are doing their part at Device Design Day. Get some design goodness of your own at in the upcoming Visual Interface Design session August 15-16.

Other interesting scoops this week

User experience and the design of news at the BBC world service. Turn your typed missive into a hand-written letter (but hurry, less than two weeks left). Designers and the Myers-Briggs: How do you compare?. Good news for speakers: Um, uh, ah: verbal stumbles are not so bad. Feel much better now. Five lessons from a year of tablet UX research.

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