The sCoop: week of August 29

For those who have gone to Black Rock to watch fire or those on the East Coast still dealing with water, here’s what went down around Cooper while you were dealing with the elements.

Burning Man

  • Opinions are polarized regarding the in-progress Windows Explorer
  • We wasted a little time laughing at GifTV
  • We enjoyed the design challenges of our second round of “office hours” with the smart health startups at Rock Health.
  • Two products for differently-abled people caught our attentions: Sony’s augmented reality “subtitle glasses” add subtitles to movies as they’re playing so deaf people can enjoy them. Local San Franciscan Steve Hoefer’s Tacit glove gives blind people inaudible “sonar.”
  • The Kno iPad apps made us want to head back to school.
  • We’ve been saying that First Name/Last Name form fields are the wrong way to go for a while now. We’re glad to the see the WC3 had our backs.
  • We nodded while eating cereal and watching the demo video for the NYT R&D breakfast table reader.
  • We also loved the dashboard on one of Chris Reccardi’s illustrations from his Go exhibit in Melbourne.
  • We got our last votes in for SXSW 2012 panels (If you’re of a mind, consider one of ours.)

Oh hey, know anyone interested in interning with us? Send them our way (or send us to them).

Chris Noessel

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