The sCoop: Week of July 18

From time to time, we have a crazy week. The sCoop compiles the exciting stuff we’ve got going on in-house, along with interesting tidbits from around the Internet.

Cooper designer Andreas Brændhaugen received anonymous praise for his work on Pulse on the Fastco design blog. Pulse cofounder Akshay Kothari: “We said [to Andreas], ‘We don’t have that much money. Can you spend just one full day with us?… Just 10 hours with him was probably the best investment we ever made.” … He “took out all the crap,” leaving a stripped-down, simple UI where the “content does all the talking.” The upgraded version shot up to the top of the app store charts almost overnight.

image001.pngProtip: When you’re feeling overwhelmed, go grab another projector, laptop and iPad.
Alan’s post about automobile interface design appeared on Khoi Vin’s radar just as he was drafting his recent post about the end of client services “As the founder of a premier user experience design consultancy, Cooper might disagree with me on the viability of the design services model. But I found myself fully agreeing with him when he says, ‘Automobile manufacturing companies like Ford need to acknowledge that they are no longer making automobiles with attached computer systems. In reality, they are making computer control systems with attached motion mechanisms.’ This is a sterling example of my contention that, more and more, all businesses are becoming digital businesses.”

Golden grappled with some error messages


Ye Olde Cooper got a mention in the “Original Gangster” category by @ezyjules: “Original Gangsters @cooper @frogdesign @ideo >>> New Jacks @MIRnewyork @punchcut @madebymany @ustwo).” Thanks, dude.

Doug and Renna discussed research methods during week 2 of our series of workshops with Rock Health Tuesday. Cooper U wrapped up an incredible session of Interaction Design in anticipation of starting next week’s relaunch of Design Communication & Collaboration. Sign up to join what is sure to be a great session starting Monday.

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