The sCoop: Week of July 29

Suzy and Stefan presented to Rock Health on research synthesis and guerilla persona creation.

This week’s inaugural session of the Cooper U Communication and Collaboration class is getting great feedback. Sign up for September’s session to get some of this good stuff.

“Fabulous, if you want to get some creative ideas about design and communication. Just check it out!”
“A great course with a lot of useful, real-world tools and techniques!”
“Great material on a really complex topic.”

Our new neighbor TruckStopSF moved into the ‘hood and brought some good stuff of their own. See more at @truckstopsf or tssf.png

We’re excited to see our work with TaskRabbit get rave reviews. Read all about it at Wired, or TechCrunch or Forbes. from Collen Taylor @ Gigaom,

“The user interface is feature-rich and slick, but still easy to navigate. The home page lays out different categories in a roulette wheel format that makes it quite fun to browse for available tasks and post errands. An especially handy feature is the ability to post voice recordings for a task description without having to type. All in all, using the app is a very pleasant experience.”

Looking ahead, get your tix to hear Alan to tell it true about the alchemy of software and the arc of technology at the Commonwealth Club Tuesday, September 13th at 6PM.

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