An Insurgency of Quality

Dave Hussman, one of the leaders of the post-agile movement, recently hosted a one-day conference on the topic of “Redesigning Agility”, and invited me to give a plenary talk. The focus of the conference and my talk were how to integrate agile development with interaction design. I was very pleased with how things went.

Here you will find the complete text of my talk, entitled “An Insurgency of Quality”, along with all of the slides I showed. I made a few ad libs, but mostly stayed with the script in order to assure that my message not be misunderstood.

The conference, called “Code Freeze” (due to it being January in Dave’s home town of Minneapolis), was sold out and the audience was razor sharp. The attendees were developers; that is, mostly programmers, but with lots of designers, coaches, testers, and managers, and not a few who wore several of those hats.

This talk is a complement to one with the same title I delivered at the IxDA’s Interaction08. That one was directed at designers; this one is for developers.

Alan Cooper
Alan Cooper

Alan Cooper is the co-founder of Cooper and a pioneer of the modern computing era. He created the programming language Visual Basic and wrote industry-standard books on design practice like “About Face.”

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