Stratus Air: A Cooper concept project

When we saw the topic of this year’s I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review concept category, we thought it would be fun to put together an entry. As frequent travelers, we were particularly inspired by the brief: design a graphic, object, or environment that would improve the experience of air travel.

We thought our approach was a good mix of practicality and inspiration; a premium loyalty service enabled by helpful bits of technology that would ease the pain and smooth the turbulence of business travel. Did we expect to win? Absolutely. Even though the judges didn’t share our enthusiasm, we’re happy with what we came up with, and we wanted to share it with you.

We present Stratus Air.

(To view at full screen HD, click the little icon with 4 diagonal arrows next to the Vimeo logo.)

The Stratus Air program

Stratus travellers receive a small, electronic travel pass and set of bag tags as part of the program. Together these provide up-to-date information, guide and identify travelers throughout the airport, and track luggage. Stratus is able to delivers this service through inexpensive technologies like e-Ink, RFID, and existing cellular networks.

With Stratus, travelers can now count on having the latest information at their fingertips in a single location. The travel pass brings together itinerary, boarding pass, update/delay information, parking location, baggage, and personal identification. Because the travel pass automatically checks travelers in when they arrive at the airport, and confirms their identity at security and boarding areas, lines and waiting are reduced or eliminated. Since notifications are delivered directly to the travel pass, noisy announcements that are relevant to a small portion of people are also eliminated. The travel pass helps provide a tailored in-flight experience by remembering entertainment and dining preferences and even makes it easy to begin a movie on one flight, and finish it on the next.

The pass’s e-Ink display is readable in a wide range of lighting conditions and the display’s low power requirements and ‘always on’ static state means travelers don’t need to search for a charging station. The colored cover enables travelers to clip the pass anywhere, freeing their hands to juggle luggage and operate their phone, and also provides a unique branding opportunity. The bag tags identify and locate baggage within the Stratus terminal ecosystem, so travelers no longer worry about misplaced bags.

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