The Drawing Board: Commuter Buddy

Here at Cooper, we find that looking at the world from the perspective of users and their goals makes us notice a lot of bad interactions in our daily lives. Being solution-minded designers, we can’t help but pick up a whiteboard marker to scribble out a better idea. (Just ask our partners and friends—we really can’t help ourselves).

This sort of thing makes a fun thought exercise, so we thought we’d share it with you as a series of narrated slide shows we’ve called “The Drawing Board.” These aren’t meant to be slick, highly-produced demos—just some ideas we’ve thrown up on the board to stimulate thought and discussion.

In this edition, we thought a bit about public transit. It’s great for the environment and pocketbook, but it isn’t without its own headaches. Managing departure delays and worrying about getting off at the right stop make commuting less carefree than it could be. So how can we make the experience better? Meet Commuter Buddy, a concept application that lets commuters sit back and enjoy the ride. So…enjoy.

Credits: Suzy Thompson, Emma van Niekerk and Alex Long.

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