Welcome to the new Cooper Journal

Like most design agencies, Cooper crackles with conversations on a variety of topics. Unlike lots of other agencies, we’ve mostly conducted these conversations in primitive channels — over email and in person around the large, U-shaped couch where we eat lunch.

We call it “The Departure Lounge”

Up to now, private has been easy. Publicizing our conversation means work — to set up, to moderate, and to keep current. When you also factor in the unknown amount of Alan-wrangling, you’re talking about a lot of time away from design, problem-solving, and the stuff we all love.

So why take it public now? Because we want to be part of the bigger conversation, and to bring people into our conversations. Up to now, we’ve participated in formal, somewhat old-fashioned ways — at conferences, and through our newsletter. We’ll still do these things, but we’d also like to talk about stuff happening like, now, and the logical place to do that is via a web-based publishing platform more commonly known as a “weblog.”

Our mission is to communicate deep and clarifying insights, to kick around sparky and elegant ideas, and to discuss design methods and processes. And we’re excited to bring you, the Internet, into it.

So, without further ado: Welcome to the Cooper Journal!

Doug LeMoine

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