Steve joined Cooper in 1998 as a designer, and has been a practitioner, manager, and instructor ever since over his 20-plus year Cooper career. Steve has been teaching CPE courses since their inception in 2001, and works as business director, design lead and coach for clients in a range of industries.

As a practitioner and instructor he has worked in all aspects of product definition, business strategy, and design: conducting and analyzing user research, defining and prioritizing requirements, service and product design, and team leadership. Bringing a passion for clarity and clear communication to the design process, Steve has worked on scores of projects in domains as diverse as golf course irrigation, IT administration, online radio, enterprise resource management, intravenous medication delivery, and telecommunications for companies ranging from the Fortune 100 to startups and niche market leaders. In a previous life, Steve was a technical writer, but got tired of using documentation as a band-aid for poor product design.