As an instructor, Bernadette (who goes by the nickname Bernie) loves to teach and learn about her students’ real world design challenges. Learning new design tools and methods is great, but Bernie wants her students to be able to determine when, why and how to apply them to their specific business needs. With the customer always top of mind, Bernie brings together the disciplines of design, information technology and business in support of complex transformation projects.

Bernie has been a practicing UX and Service Design for over 10 years at UC Berkeley and in private practice. She has a reputation for finding ways to improve student experiences and support student success within the complex ecosystem of academia. Bernie co-founded the San Francisco chapter of the Service Design Network and she has been published in Touchpoint Magazine and she wrote chapters for two books on Design Complexity and Designing at Scale. She also has an extensive background in IT and a variety of product management, engineering management, marketing and business development roles. Bernie has two degrees from UC Berkeley, a BA in communications and a MBA. When not working, Bernie likes to draw and make things with her hands including knitting and making patterns for clothes.