Corporate training for teams

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Lift your entire organization to the next level through transformative learning journeys. We’ll deliver training on site and help you become more creative, human-centered, and impactful as a company.

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Innovation programs

This mix of courses, coaching, and strategic design is tailored to your organization’s unique goals, culture, and people to promote lasting change.

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Team coaching

Empowering your teams gives your whole organization a boost. Our coaching sessions help your teams weave design thinking into their everyday work.

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Certificate series

This series of courses is built to deepen expertise and empower individuals to become catalysts for change in their organizations.

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Individual courses

These immersive, hands-on courses enhance your knowledge in design thinking and creative leadership.

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Meet our coaches

Who can teach design thinking better than experts in the field? Our international team of educators consists of practicing designers who love sharing what they’ve learned.

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Jim Dibble
Jim Dibble
Associate Director
Shannon McGarity
Shannon McGarity
Zohar Adner
Zohar Adner
CPE Faculty
Tammy Su
Tammy Su
Senior Designer
Ana Palacios
Ana Palacios
Senior Service Designer
Nirman Bisla
Nirman Bisla
Senior Interaction Designer

The learning experience

Let’s skip the long-winded lectures. We’re all about engaging you with interactive warm-ups, activities, and reflection to help you think creatively and apply what you’ve learned to your own work.

Who we’ve worked with

We’ve taught the principles of human-centered design to leading companies spanning financial services, aerospace, and more industries.


How many people can attend a course?

Up to 25. We offer high-touch learning experiences and want everyone attending to receive personalized coaching. It’s more difficult to deliver that level of service for groups larger than 25.

What’s the learning experience like?

We design rich, multi-layered learning experiences that move beyond traditional classroom learning. No yawn-worthy lectures here; our training sessions are interactive, hands-on, and dynamic. You’ll be out of your seat, working with others, and learning through doing. Our content is rooted in our strategic design practice at Designit, so you’ll learn tools and methods you can implement at work tomorrow – from practicing designers who love to teach what they do.

Who are the coaches?

Our international education team consists of practicing designers at Designit who teach from their experience in the field. They have dynamic communication skills, a flair for facilitation, and plenty of personal stories about applying specific design thinking methods and tools.

How far in advance should we book?

Ideally two to three months in advance. We’ll do our best to accommodate your team’s schedule if you need help with less notice.

Can you customize your courses?

We want to make sure our services help your teams grow. To that end, we learn about your learning goals, culture, team, and challenges before we recommend a course, coaching, certification, or innovation program. Often, we find our existing services meet client needs well and don’t require significant changes. Our coaches are adept at shifting what and how they teach to fit each audience – expanding on certain modules, leading discussions that are tailored to the nuances of your team, and sharing case studies that parallel the work your company does. Once we understand your needs more, we can have an informed discussion about whether customization is necessary.

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What makes us different

We design transformative learning experiences that are based in real-world design practice and effect lasting change.


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