Overview of the project

The Winklevoss ProVal team has long been a leader in the field of actuarial software for pension planning. Its products bring new capabilities to the market and ultimately lead to better-informed decisions and higher efficiency.

Through a coaching program, our faculty taught the members of the ProVal team the fundamentals of human-centered design, and guided them as they applied those methods to work on their flagship product.

The program began with our Design Thinking Immersive course, where participants learned best practices for planning research, conducting customer interviews, research synthesis and modeling, and ideation. Then, our coaches mentored ProVal team members as they applied what they learned to their own product.

Through a series of workshops and remote sessions, team members received feedback and guidance on their interview guides, interviewing skills, synthesis approach, personas, and ideas for the future of the product. CPE coaches also advised them when they encountered unexpected challenges along the way. For a very analytical and data-driven team, the coaching program demonstrated how the end-user perspective can and should be applied to the scientific process.

The impact

Thanks to our close and fruitful collaboration, the ProVal team has continuously rolled out changes to its flagship product for an improved user experience, and Winklevoss has incorporated design thinking to all stages of product development.

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