Overview of the project

The Jet Propulsion Lab is an engineering-focused organization. Since 1936, JPL has built advanced robotic spacecraft and conducted orbital and astronomy missions.

To incorporate human-centered design into their development process, the lab called in CPE to train their engineers in design, research, and storytelling.

Design pioneer Alan Cooper kicked off the NASA Systems and People conference with a keynote presentation on improving design results by understanding user needs. Our team then conducted two workshops on how to integrate meaningful user feedback into the design process.

The first workshop zeroed in on interview and research techniques that help to better understand customer behaviors and expectations. We showed NASA how human-centered design practices could boost efficiency by enabling developers to plan and build with their users in mind.

In the second workshop, attendees learned how to improve their communication skills by using storytelling to express complex, technical ideas in simple, accessible ways. This interactive learning experience included practice and coaching as they created stories that demonstrated how design and development addressed real user needs.

The impact

CPE’s keynote presentation and workshops demonstrated to JPL staff that adding a human touch to the design process clarifies and streamlines development for even the most complex products.

Inquisitive, enthusiastic, and fully engaged, attendees learned that when a team shares the same vision, great design follows.

With our help, the Jet Propulsion Lab improved the way they think about user experience design and are now reaping the benefits of this new approach.

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