Overview of the project

The client, one of the most beloved food service companies in the world, wanted its over 200,000 employees to share and act on a clearer, more customer-centered vision.

Known to be a design-driven company that’s deeply committed to its customers and staff, the client initially invited Cooper Professional Education to deliver our User Experience Design course to a cross-functional team that built key internal tools, including point-of-sale systems used by company employees worldwide.

The purpose of this hands-on, intensive course was to establish shared design practice and standardized terminology. As a result of the training, the group saw how the application of design methods could make complex systems much more seamless and user-friendly.

Building on the success of that workshop, our coaches were invited back to teach more courses and were eventually integrated into the company’s learning and development program.

CPE coaches have taught employees many sessions of Service Design Immersive, Design Leadership, Design Research Techniques, and User Experience Design over the last four years, and our partnership continues to grow as we help more and more employees understand the power of design thinking.

The impact

What began as a single engagement has evolved into a rich, multi-year partnership to help employees embrace a human-centered approach to their work. This initially led to improvements in the design of key systems and tools used by employees and customers.

The company then implemented an ongoing innovative training program for their leaders, which we bolstered with our courses. Today, we continue to support the company in its efforts to leverage education aimed at centering on the customer.

“The class did a great job teaching designers how to think about problems from a global perspective, rather than focusing on systems, infrastructure, and architecture.”

Cooper coach
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