Overview of the project

To facilitate a digital transformation, one of the largest banks in the UK created a tactical team of “Catalysts” — experienced professionals from inside and outside the bank. This pivotal group worked across 10 different “Transformation Labs,” consisting of sizable multidisciplinary teams and employing sprint-based agile methodologies.

Designit supported this initiative by mapping out and executing an innovation program for the newly assigned Catalysts to prepare them for their core mission: help the Transformation Labs adopt a human-centered mindset and contribute to the company’s digital transformation goals.

In the first stage of our innovation program, we identified key training needs through a series of interviews with the client, the Catalysts, and their colleagues. Based on what we learned from this preliminary phase, we created a complete curriculum in close collaboration with the client

After putting together the overarching content blocks to ensure consistency across the learning journey, the bank’s core team joined forces with our Designit education specialists to develop concrete training activities and materials. The program consisted of five days of training, coaching sessions, a two-week challenge to take back to the Transformation Labs, and a final presentation.

The impact

Participants greatly benefited from our strategic training and were able to apply their newly acquired skills, tools, and concepts between sessions and upon return to the Transformation Labs.

The two-week challenge also helped the participants clarify and better articulate their own role within the organization, a concern voiced by many during preliminary interviews.

The Designit team was thrilled to implement this innovation program for the Catalysts and celebrate the success of their digital transformation.

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