Overview of the project

CPE loves to build on clients’ creativity, so our coaches were thrilled to work with Bay Area Discovery Museum, a legendary institution that ignites and advances creative thinking for all children.

The museum team wanted to understand design thinking methodology and how it could be used to improve the way employees across the organization and the experiences they provide for kids and families.

Through an immersive learning experience, most of BADM practiced each part of the design process, from research to modeling and ideation to prototyping. Employees reflected on how the approach could be applied to their own work, whether in finance or customer service.

They also saw the award-winning work we did with Kurbo, a healthy choices app for kids, to illustrate how significantly a deep understanding of client goals and challenges can impact the outcome of design.

The impact

At the end of the training, museum employees said the experience changed how they approach their work, improved their design practice, and clarified the entire design process across the organization.

Learning interviewing techniques gave them insight into how customer research could better drive exhibit and service design. What’s more, they walked away with a shared understanding of new ways to draw out their own creativity.

“It changed my perception of what the real problems were that we were trying to solve and what the solutions might be. What we learned will help us ask interesting questions about why people give and why they don’t.”

Lea Wood, Senior Manager of Individual Giving at BADM

post-its on whiteboard at bay area discovery museum workshop

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