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Winnie is the Jr. Finance Manager at Cooper. She loves mining data for meaning and learning about new businesses and service fields from a numbers perspective. Winnie thoroughly enjoys the collaborative camaraderie found at Cooper. A graduate of UCSD with a degree in Management Science, she worked previously as an accountant for CAMFED in San Francisco. 

What does Winnie fight for at work? Reimbursement!

Loves the outdoors, but HATES bugs.

Winnie's Cooper Superpower is "Knocking it out of the Park".

Winnie is a unicorn, a true San Francisco local.

See what Winnie's been working on.



Keeping track of every cent that comes in and out of Cooper.



Winnie helps plan where Cooper will spend time and money in the future. 



Winnie runs essential reports that map incoming and outgoing expenses. 

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