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Virpi Oinonen is a London based business cartoonist and storyteller who specializes in making important topics understandable through hand drawn visuals. She focuses on business transformation and mainly works as part of internal change programs within larger companies. 

Her background is not in art: she chose illustrations as her main communication tool after accidentally discovering the power of the medium while working as a digital campaigner for nonprofits. Turned out it was the best format for explaining abstract concepts - you can’t take a photo of taxation but you can draw it!

She has a Master’s degree in political sociology from London School of Economics and is a self-confessed organization geek. She is part of a growing movement that tries to make organizations more collaborative and agile. In the future she hopes to explain why people think and behave the way they do in a fun way (cognitive biases etc).

You can see her work here on and follow her on twitter @voinonen.

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