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With a career spanning film, design, journalism, education, and art, Teresa Brazen is committed to improving the world through creative leadership and innovation. Teresa leads Cooper’s signature training center, and oversees curriculum development, teaching, mentoring, and community building. Her team partners with thousands of top organizations, from Clorox to Starbucks to NASA, to supercharge performance and create delight. Whether she’s coaching, crafting a new curriculum, or telling stories, Teresa’s goal is to ask tough questions, inspire curiosity, and change what’s possible in the minds and lives of the people she collaborates with. Learn more about what she's up to at

If she could have any superpower it would be the ability to seed empathy in anyone.

Her hometown is Caracas, Venezuela.

Favorite food: Thai or a whole pint of cookies & cream ice cream in one sitting. Or both.

Favorite tool? An extra-fine ball point pilot pen.

See what Teresa's been working on.


Design Leadership

Create a shared design vision through communication and leadership.


UX Boot Camp

Advance your UX design skills by applying them to a real-world problem.


Corporate Training

Coaching small teams through Cooper’s Goal-directed methodologies, creating a cohesive design practice. 


Designing Culture

An intriguing collection of resources on how to create inspired work cultures. 


The Great UX Debate

Debating the best at Interaction 13


The Gender, Leadership, and Design Axis.

Success Story

Bay Area Discovery Museum

Teaching design thinking skills across an organization

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