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Steve is a Managing Director at Cooper. With over twenty years of high-tech experience under his belt, Steve is on Cooper’s executive committee and leads the Business Development team. His experience as a designer allows him to offer deep insights and practical solutions for an extensive range of domains and organizations.

As a practitioner and instructor he has worked in all aspects of product definition, business strategy, and design, from conducting and analyzing user research to defining and prioritizing requirements, to conceptual and detailed design. Bringing a passion for clarity and clear communication to the product development process, Steve has worked on scores of projects in domains as diverse as golf course irrigation, IT administration, online radio, enterprise resource management, intravenous medication delivery, and telecommunications for companies ranging from the Fortune 100 to startups and niche market leaders. In a previous life, Steve was a technical writer, but got tired of using documentation as a band-aid for poor product design. 

Favorite book: A Confederacy of Dunces

An extensive traveler, Steve has been to Africa five times. 

Steve knows everything about the L.A. Dodgers.

Steve currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

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Executive Committee

Business Strategy

Steve and the executive committee manage Cooper’s internal business strategy. 

Business Development

Tactical Planning 

Steve collaborates with clients to strategize how Cooper can meet their goals. 



A gifted storyteller, Steve leads the marketing team to share Cooper’s story with the world. 


Interaction Design

Steve has been teaching this class since it was created in 2002. 


Steve is the co-owner of eight patents in the storage management field


Technical Writing 

UC Berkeley Extension Program

Success Story


Service design for customer engagement


Nov 2

Notes on the Business Case for Design


Beyond the pixel: Measuring visual designers' strategic value

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