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Shannon is the Director of User Experience in the NY office. Her 20 years of product development experience cut across disciplines (visual design, UX, content, marketing) and environment (agency, startup, studio owner). Recently, she’s helped shape and market a variety of digital health products, designed an app for teachers to help guide student reading, labored in the service of democratizing art ownership, and peddled (pedaled!) the concept of bike-sharing to the denizens of NYC.

Shannon received her Masters from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU (when the web wore gray backgrounds and rainbow dividers). Throughout Shannon’s career, creating user-friendly brands and experiences has consistently been her North Star. (She’s also a chronic parentheses abuser and is trying to quit.)

She is perpetually waiting for the latest Saga issue.

Her favorite hotspot? Offleash hours @ Prospect Park.

Shannon is learning German, one preposition at a time.

Water baby: Scuba diver & Masters swimmer.

See what Shannon's been working on.

Creative Leadership

Director of User Experience

From initial scope to final deliverables, Shannon leads project engagements.

Creative Leadership

Practice Director

Shannon oversees design projects, advances the practice, and rallies the team.

Creative Leadership


Shannon ensures that her NYC-based team is both empowered and engaged. 


Design Leadership

Shannon shares her tips and tools as a lead teacher in this class. 

Success Story


Service design for customer engagement


The Best Design Debrief: “Nomikai”

Success Story

University of Connecticut

Rejuvenating alumni giving streams

Success Story

Planned Parenthood

Uniting LGBTQ+ teens through social media

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