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Seth is an Interaction Designer at Cooper. Here, he creates a huge impact by closely collaborating with organizations. Seth is exceptionally talented at reaching beneath the surface to unpack gnarly problems at their core and explore fresh solutions. In his work, he has envisioned user-centric financial planning tools and fueled a data-driven organization's culture shift.

Before Cooper, Seth worked as a Senior Experience Designer at Mad*Pow and Product Designer at Indiegogo. At Indiegogo, he worked closely with executives, marketing, and engineering teams in an agile environment to lead the product design of InDemand, which went on to raise millions for customers. During his time at Mad*Pow, he redesigned, creating an interactive lead generation tool, which integrated top brands into ESPN’s 65 multimedia properties.

When he’s not at work, you can find Seth on backpacking and skiing road trips with Calamity, his 98' Subaru Outback. 

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