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Sanskriti is an Interaction Designer at Cooper. She defines UX as a pendulum that swings between creative exploration and usability, the practice of always remembering to bring delight while solving the nitty-gritty details of complex strategic problems. At Cooper, she marries a deep interest in human behavior with the desire to affect change in people's perceptions of their world.

Before Cooper, Sanskriti was an Interaction Designer at Spring Studio where she helped clients of all shapes to create meaningful products for their customers. She has a degree in History and Psychology from Claremont McKenna College. When she’s not at work, you can find her singing, making spicy vegetarian dishes, or watching British comedy shows. 

Can say the alphabet backwards in under 4 seconds.

The first CD she ever owned was Dolly Parton’s Collectors' Series.

Met Beyonce accidentally and could not handle it.

Is obsessed with Australian cooking shows because it’s all about the food and not about the drama.

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