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Nirman is an Interaction Designer at Cooper with a background in architecture. She uses systems thinking to resolve technical, business and user needs. She loves tackling complex problems and delivering creative solutions, from big picture strategy to nitty-gritty design details. And she works closely with clients and their organizations to produce meaningful products and services. 

Before Cooper, Nirman was a designer at a consulting group for General Electric where she engaged greenfield customers in new software solutions. She has a degree in Architecture from UC Berkeley and Masters in Human Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon. When not at work, she is listening to audiobooks, writing in coffee shops, hiking around the Bay Area and tinkering with happiness methods.

Went to a Hopi Native American retreat and found out her spirit animal is the owl.

Loves to forage in the east bay for flowers, fruits and herbs.

Makes her own clothes, mostly dresses. 

Creeped out by kiwis (the fruit).

Enjoys following Disney animators on Instagram. 

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