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Nick is the President and Chief Operating Officer for both the New York and San Francisco offices. Nick is a veteran digital business and product development leader with strong ties to the global UX and interaction design communities of practice. As an accomplished sense-maker and adept storyteller, Nick can masterfully find signals amidst the noise of customer input, stakeholder priorities, and competitor actions. Nick specializes in developing concise and inspiring narratives that illuminate a product’s performance, envisioning new scenarios, and aligning project teams around experience strategies. Nick is known for his consultative sales approach and abilities, and for building relationships of trust with clients by communicating a concern for their priorities and a genuine interest in solving their problems.

Nick is the former President of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) and has served on the IxDA Board of Directors since 2009. Prior to Cooper, Nick held a variety of leadership positions focusing on Internet product development and strategic partnerships and joint ventures. Nick was VP of Internet Strategy and Business Development for Scholastic Inc., the global children’s publishing, and media company. Prior to that, Nick led business development efforts for, Bertelsmann’s international online bookselling venture, and Citigroup. Before that, he was a corporate lawyer. 

Newly-minted baseball fan.

Raised on the rough streets of NYC.

Novice guitar player.

Master doodler.

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Executive Committee


Nick works with the Board and executive committee to envision and build the Cooper of the future.

Business Development

Client Success

Happy clients and successful projects are a healthy obsession for Nick. 

Creative Leadership


Nick and his team keep the Cooper engines fueled and running smoothly.


Products are Dead. Long live Services! 

Most products and services require a broad understanding of the customer’s experience.


Nick is the former President of the Interaction Design Association and has been on the Board of Directors since 2010.

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