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Nate is the Managing Director at the San Francisco office. In his role, he blends the decisiveness and collaborative skills of a product manager with the acumen of an economist to build bridges with people and organizations. Equal parts teacher and student, Nate leads initiatives in content creation, business development, and creative leadership.

At Cooper, he helped United Airlines find new ways to reward loyal customers, led an effort at GE Healthcare to create a strategy for the international expansion of a key product line, and designed solutions for workplace collaboration, delivering technology to schools, and the future of the connected kitchen. Before Cooper, Nate led design and product management at BuildZoom, and was a Director of Product Management at Thomson Reuters.

In his spare time, Nate plays piano, searches for amazing meals, and knows how to bake a mean english muffin. 

Interested in the perfect calendar? Nate has lots of ideas.

Before graduating high school, Nate started, grew, and sold a retail and wholesale english muffin business.

Has read "Foucault's Pendulum" by Umberto Eco about three times, but thinks "Cryptonomicon" by Neal Stephenson is slightly better.

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A gifted storyteller, Nate finds new ways to share Cooper’s story with the world.  

Creative Leadership

Engagement Lead

Nate fosters the relationship between design teams and clients.

IxD: Synth

Created a strategy for the international expansion of a key product line. 

IxD: Synth

Crafted new ways to reward loyal customers.


The Flâneur Wears Google Glass


Obfuscation by Design.

Success Story


Becoming the market leader


What is the ROI of Design?

Success Story


Human-Centered Design in a rocket lab

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