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Markus is an accountant at Cooper who wears many hats and juggles multiple projects. With a particular knack for fine-tuned organization, Markus is especially skilled at tracking Cooper’s internal resources and making sure Cooper’s books are balanced. 

When not unraveling accounting puzzles, Markus can be found cheering on Munich football teams, scouting his next motorcycle, and fishing around the Bay Area. 

For Markus, the perfect day ends with Thuringian Potato Dumplings and Venison Goulash.

Recognize Markus? Maybe because he's been on the front page of the Berkeley Daily Planet.

If you're ever in Stuttgart, Germany, he recommends checking out the Mercedes Museum. 

See what Markus's been working on.



Keeping track of every cent that comes in and out of Cooper. 


Asset Management

Making sure our tech closet is stocked and ready to go. 



Markus helps run essential reports that map incoming and outgoing expenses. 

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