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In her role as Senior Manager, Corporate Training Partnerships, Kelly shepherds the entire sales process from the initial point of contact through to contract execution. Kelly facilitates conversations between Cooper's Professional Education team and businesses to uncover clients' goals and translate client needs into detailed plans and then communicates those approaches to clients. 

Kelly prefers finding her way around with good old-fashioned paper maps. 

Once she tried to give up coffee. The results weren't pretty though.

Her greatest guilty pleasure? Puns.

Plans on visiting all 50 states before she's 50.

See what Kelly's been working on.

Business Development

Proposal Writer

Translates client's goals into actionable proposals.

Business Development

Contract Management 

Kelly guides clients through the contract process so they can begin projects (the fun stuff!) as quickly as possible. 

Business Development

Client Communication

Kelly works with clients to ensure they are familiar with our capabilities, comfortable with the approach, and have their questions answered. 

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