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As a Principal Interaction Designer at Cooper, Jiwon combines her interests in people, behaviors and social issues with the tools of design. Never one to fear complexity, Jiwon finds creative ways to resolve disparate user needs, client goals, and constraints through meaningful design solutions. While at Cooper, she has created products and business solutions for technologies ranging from medical instruments and data tools to sports arenas. When not at work, she can be found outdoors with her dog Lala and friends exploring nature, or lazing around at home cooking, painting, or listening to music. Jiwon is a graduate of the Interaction Design Master’s program at Carnegie Mellon University.

Jiwon loves fried dough in any form.

Her Superpower/Kryptonite is Overthinking.

Has the best role model of them all: Mom.

She devours and re-devours John Steinbeck classics.

See what Jiwon's been working on.

ixd: Synthesizer

Jiwon has clarified and simplified around routine cardiology procedures.

ixd: Synthesizer

She envisioned the fan experience for a startup sports league.

ixd: Synthesizer

Developer Tools 

Jiwon reframed a marketing strategy to support the end-to-end user journey and serve internal business goals. 


2015 Interaction Awards Finalist, National Pro Grid League.

ixd: synthesizer

Web Team

Keeping Cooper's website in tip-top shape.

Success Story


Real-time fleet management made mobile


Uncovering Voice UI Design Patterns


Running a “Prototalking” Session


Scriptwriting for Voice UI

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