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As the Associate Director of Design Practice, Jim is especially interested in the ways in which technology can help people interact and serve as a catalyst for communication and collaboration, rather than acting as a barrier. At Cooper, he helps clients master the design process to better understand their users, and he harnesses the power of user research to surface the objectives of the design. He works to move the frontier forward by developing and codifying our best practices, spreading knowledge internally among colleagues, and packaging those practices for dissemination through our Cooper Professional Education platform. 

Prior to joining Cooper in 2010, Jim worked at several startups focused on creating tools for the design, development, and runtime management of software systems. A graduate of Brown University with a degree in Computer Science, Jim initially worked as a programmer before spending several years in technical training and curriculum development, designing learning experiences for students. A chef at heart, Jim can be found most weekends cooking for friends. 

See what Jim's been working on.

IxD: Synthesizer

Designing a system that helps operators collaborate to identify and resolve network issues quickly.


Interaction Design 

Jim works closely with the Cooper Professional Education team to develop and refine curriculum.



Jim mentors teams through some of the toughest design challenges.

IxD: SYnthesizer

Web Team 

Keeping Cooper's website in tip-top shape. 

Success Story


Becoming the market leader


Winning the Primary Election with Data Visualization

Success Story

Northern Arizona University

Creating a fresh engagement strategy


Strategies for early-stage design: Observations of a design guinea pig

Success Story


On–demand service, simplified

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