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Jenea is the Practice Director at Cooper. Here, she uses her obsession for what makes people tick to synthesize key details while keeping the whole system in mind. She is passionate about making products easier for consumers to use, and believes design thinking can have a radical effect on business solutions. With an undergraduate degree in psychology from Harvard, and a Masters in Cognitive Psychology from Stanford, Jenea applies rigorous thought to each stage of design, helping companies get great products and services out into the world.

Loves San Francisco for the culture, the climate, and the mild insanity.

Jenea is a present-wrapping ninja.

What's impossible for Jenea to give up? The Internet! Please don't take my Internet away!

See what Jenea's been working on.

ixd: synthesizer

Designing a simplified system for tracking outbreaks.

creative leadership

Director of IxD 

From initial scoping to final deliverables, Jenea leads project engagements.


Practice Director 

Jenea elevates all of Cooper’s design practices and keeps the team in prime form.



On a personal level, Jenea helps each of Cooper’s designers to manage their practice. 


Design Leadership

Jenea is a content creator and lead teacher in this 2-day workshop.

Success Story

Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco

Designing the perfect portal


Dec 4

Making the Case for Synthesis

Success Story


Full design for a health tracker app in 10 short weeks


The State of the Automated Home

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